The ILBM training course and the materials presented here are an ever-evolving product of long collaboration and development between international agencies, experts and lake basin management practitioners in the field.

JICA has been the direct sponsor for the Course as well as the development of these Training Materials. ILEC has been the executing agency in charge of carrying out the Course as well as coordinating the Training Materials development.

The team at ILEC has been led by Professor Masahisa Nakamura, Executive Director and Vice President, ILEC and also a Specially Appointed Professor of Shiga University, Japan. Dr. Nakamura is a former director of the Lake Biwa Research Institute and was the Project Manager for the GEF-MSP Towards a Lake Basin Management Initiative which resulted in the basis for much of the material here.

Other members of the ILEC team who contributed to the revised (2019-2020) version of these materials were Victor Muhandiki (content development), Nobuko Yamazaki (content and overall management), Kazumasa Hashimoto (content and administration) and Kana Hatta (content). The first (2010) version was contributed to by Thomas Ballatore (content and overall management), Takumi Shiraishi (content development), Toru Ueda (administration), Yoshimi Nishio and Darryl Feldmeyer (design, web).

Any questions regarding this material should be addressed to ILEC at:

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