Involving People

People are obviously the heart of the lake basin management issue. As such, the way people use and abuse lakes (Module 3), the way they work with institutions (Module 4) to develop and receive policies (Module 5) and how they interact with technical interventions (Module 7) and information gathering (Module 8) is really the heart of ILBM. This module looks at ways that stakeholders can be effectively integrated into the decision making process.

Involving People

Additional Materials

Lessons on Project Design and Stakeholder Engagement from the Songkhla Lake Case

Chatchai Ratanachai

Participation in Japan

Ide, Shinji

Jal Dindi, the Water Pilgrimage: How Tradition and Culture can Used to Promote ILBM

Kodarkar, Mohan

River/Lake Basin Approaches to Water Resources Management

Oya, Kenji


To what extent are stakeholders integrated into the decision making process in your lake basin?

How are indigenous peoples, women and other historically marginalized groups involved?