General Introduction to ILBM

Integrated Lake Basin Management (ILBM): Where we are and where we are going?

Integrated Lake Basin Management: Threats to world lakes

How Can We Stop Degradation of the World's Lake Environments?


Module 2: Biophysical Characteristics of Lakes

Module 3: Human Use of Lakes: Values, Problems, and Responses

Module 4: Effective Institutions: Responding to Change

Module 5: Identifying Effective Policies: Incentives and Regulations

Module 6: Involving People: Values, Education and Participation

Module 7: Technological Responses: Possibilities and Limitations

Module 8: Informing the Process: The Role of Science

Module 9: Mobilizing Sustainable Financing: Local, National and External Funds

Module 10: Planning for Sustainable Lake Basin Management

Module 11: Towards the Future

Additional Materials

Acquisition and Management of Lake-related Water Quality Information at the Global Level

Robarts, Richard

An Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in the Management of Lake Kyoga, Uganda

Gyllenhammar, Andreas

Applications of Remote Sensing for Lake Basin Management

Bradt, Shane

Biodiversity Loss in a Saline Lake Ecosystem

Aladin, Nick

Charging for Use of Natural Resources: Practical Lessons for Lake Basin Managers

Dixon, John

Economic Instruments for Environmental Protection

Ballatore, Thomas

Economic Valuation in the Lake Basin Management Decision Making Process

Verma, Madhu

Ecosystem Services and Values for Stakeholders

Niren, Takaaki

Environmental User Fee System for Laguna de Bay

Santos-Borja, Adelina

Fundamentals of the Economic Approach

Kondo, Manabe

Global Review of Lake and Reservoir Eutrophication and Associated Management Challenges

Mendiondo, Eduardo Mario

Implementing Sewerage and Sewage Treatment Schemes in Developing Countries

Muhandiki, Victor

Implementing the Ecosystem Approach to Preserve the Ecological Integrity of Urban Lakes

Kodarkar, Mohan

Indigenous Peoples and Lake Basin Management

Skinner, Juan

Informational Requirements for a Lake Basin Management Program

Rast, Walter

Innovative Financing Methods for Lake Basin Management

Santos-Borja, Adelina

Institutional Coordination and Policy Development in Lake Basin Management

Pattnaik, Ajit

Jal Dindi, the Water Pilgrimage: How Tradition and Culture can Used to Promote ILBM

Kodarkar, Mohan

Lessons from Malaysia on Developing a Nationwide Strategic Plan for the Management of Lakes and Reservoirs

Abdullah, Shahrizaila

Lessons from Nepal on Developing a Strategic Plan for the Integrated Lake Basin Management: The Case of Lakes Phewa, Bengas, and Rupa

Pokharel, Shailendra

Lessons on Attaining Sustainable Financing for Lake Basin Management Authorities in the Philippines

Santos-Borja, Adelina

Lessons on Preparing and Implementing a Management Plan within an Urban Development Framework

Majizat, Akashah

Lessons on Project Design and Stakeholder Engagement from the Songkhla Lake Case

Chatchai Ratanachai

The Management of Hoars, Baors, and Beels in Bangladesh

Tapas Ranjan Chakraborty

Methodology for Learning Within and Across Lake Basins

Muhandiki, Victor

Moving Towards Integrated Management of the Plateau Lakes in Yunnan Province, China: Lessons for Planning and Finance

Wang Li

Multi-level Water Governance for Closed and Closing Systems: The Murray-Darling Basin, Australia

Connell, Daniel

Participation in Japan

Ide, Shinji

The Planning Process for Lake Basin Management: Lessons from Some North American Lakes

Holdren, Chris

Re-Eutrophication and Pathogenic Contamination of Lake Chivero

Magadza, Chris

Regulatory Approach For Water Quality Protection In Chile: Key Aspects to be Considered

Villa-Lobos, Sybil

Review of Technical Interventions to Restore the Northern Aral Sea

Aladin, Nick

River/Lake Basin Approaches to Water Resources Management

Oya, Kenji

The Role of Agriculture and Irrigation in Lake Basin Management

Watanabe, Tsugihiro

The Use of Workshops as a Planning Tool in ILBM: Lessons from Lake Chapala, Mexico

Juarez, Alejandro