It is absolutely essential that plans be in place for bringing together the main pillars of the ILBM approach discussed in earlier modules. However, while plans may be easily made, they are often ignored.This module provides some insight into how effective plans can be made and implemented.It draws heavily on the experience at various lake basins around the world and should provide much food for thought for lake basin managers stuggling with these questions now.

Additional Materials

Lessons from Malaysia on Developing a Nationwide Strategic Plan for the Management of Lakes and Reservoirs

Abdullah, Shahrizaila

Assessment of Management of Lake Malawi Basin through Application of ILBM-Based Tools

Chidammodzi, Clara L.

Multi-level Water Governance for Closed and Closing Systems: The Murray-Darling Basin, Australia

Connell, Daniel

The Planning Process for Lake Basin Management: Lessons from Some North American Lakes

Holdren, Chris

The Use of Workshops as a Planning Tool in ILBM: Lessons from Lake Chapala, Mexico

Juarez, Alejandro

JICA-ILEC Project on the Development of ILLBM Training Resource Materials

Nakamura, Masahisa

Lessons from Nepal on Developing a Strategic Plan for the Integrated Lake Basin Management: The Case of Lakes Phewa, Bengas, and Rupa

Pokharel, Shailendra Kumar

The Lake Cluster Pokhara Valley: An Overview of Lake Basin Environment and Governance Improvement

Pokharel, Shailendra Kumar

Strengthening Integrated Lake Basin Management Implementation in Malaysia through Research Framework

Sharip, Zati

Regulatory Approach For Water Quality Protection In Chile: Key Aspects to be Considered

Villa-Lobos, Sybil


What are plans currently exist for management in your lake basin?

Are they effectively implemented?

Who often are plans made but either ignored or take over by changing events?